Anna Schwehr Mittwoch, 2. Juli bis Mittwoch 9. Juli

Anna Schwehr: Die Schießbilder

The holes in the paper are past up. A grid of lines of different directions is drawn onto the sheets. The grids are exactly alligned to the structure of the holes. Only giving a second glance, I understood that the holes were caused by bullets. Circular targets were printed on the backside of the gilded drawings. Anna bought them off an old marksman, they must have been several years old. Shooting, even killing seems to be such a vital matter of human interest, that it even informs the realms of sport. Marksmen, of course, claim different proximities, i.e. chess. Instead of „shoot to kill“ they try to emphasize „shoot to score“. This liberation of an action from its everyday context also is a common strategy in fine arts. In the case of shooting this approach has something vulgar to it.