Jonas Ried

Sinn und Verstand - Skulpturen von Jonas Ried

The head, the funnel, the beater. Names that were found in everyday dealings with the sculptures. Titles, that may never be found on the white tags below the works or on a wall close by. These are nicknames like the ones given to beloved people. Nicknames that spare all sugarcoating. A private nomenclature for the stay at the studio or in the storage. In the context of Jonas Rieds Work, these names deserve special attention. This casual way of naming things, that for weeks were center of all his thoughts and feelings tells us a lot. It hides all of the duration and intensity of his occupation. The daily renegotiation of their shape. And last the sense in working for weeks and weeks on a sculpture that is little more than itself and transcends itself because of that. The names bear witness to a great closeness to the own work. They are somewhat paternal that is also seen in the treatment of finished works. A sweet temper that requires acceptance of all peculiarities.